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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fish Oil omega-3

I was contacted two days ago by a company who makes fish oil in Norway but sale in Italy. They informed me that a study was done with Rett girls with great results in their Rett manifestation. It got me interested, because I have been looking for years about supplements and natural way of healing for Rett girls, only bumping into medical no- answers info's. Alexandra is twelve now...I have grown with her and accept her condition, but I am still looking on how to improve her life. 
I am so glad that we are able to share info's all around the world and carry knowledge ourselves.
I am part of a US Rett group on Facebook and many parents wrote me back about the fish oil great effects from Iceland, US and UK.  Many parents stated improvement. 
I am in the process to search for the best oil available and amount need it. Please be sure that I will share what I learn on Alexandra blog. 
 I also have started ABM therapy and will follow on more sessions soon, taking Alexandra near Seattle in three weeks for a intensive group of sessions. I definitively relate to Anat Baniel approach and will recommend her book Kids Beyond Limits    because Rett Girls ask for total presence from you. It is clear that Rett children are present and understanding much more that they can show us, so applying the nine essentials from Anat can only bring great peace to their difficult living conditions. 
Wishing you all well. 

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