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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blood test and All

We got some blood test done to see how Alexandra was doing on her vitamins, blood level and food allergies. Nothing came out , she is in excellent health, except a low level on Vitamine D who is typical in North Idaho. I also got a hair test with toxins and minerals level. Again Alexandra do not show anything major, and no contamination of heavy metals. 
        Alexandra had anyway a hard summer and I am trying to know what is going on. I have been giving her an antioxidant as a supplement with herbs. I started in June and just stopped two weeks ago. She is actually better now, so maybe  the supplement was triggering to much stuff in her. She appear to be back to her true self. All of this made me think that her digestive system is very important to her well being, so I have decide to keep track in a weekly book of her bowel movement and her seizures if any. I recommend anyone to do the same, because I think we forgot when was last they has a BM, and the child can be intoxicated and in pain very easily. 
       I also have decide to give her enzymes for digestion, and probiotic  for her flora. She is also taking one cap of Fish Oil/ day. So hopeful our little Alexandra is going to be better, ready to learn again and happy.