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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Painting with the Bamboo Braces

My mom is a painter, and I personally love art. We have art all over the house and I have always looked deeply into the forms, effects and colors of a painting. It mesmerize me. This year my mom decided to have me make a painting every Sunday. I am wearing my Bamboo Brace for the occasion. The bamboo Braces  by Professional Therapies are made of a like swim suit fabric, they Velcro around the arm, and along the inside of the elbow you can tuck in  a piece of a plastic bar who come in many thickness and strength for me to not be able to bend my elbow. I am using the size one ( for the inside bar), who still very soft and allowing some movement. Please see where you can get the Bamboo braces made by these wonderful people. 

Voila, one of my painting, my mom gives me a watercolor paper that is wet, and she squeezes two colors out of a type of finger paint, or tempera. The Bamboo Braces help me keep my hands stretch out on the paper....and not in my mouth !!!  : )

I make small movements with my hands and fingers, I like it, but it is also difficult. It takes a lot of energy and concentration for me, so the session is pretty short. I have made ten paintings. All with different mix of colors. I mostly use the Bamboo Brace for painting and others activities who involve touching things. Like a box of beans, or sand, or a ball with texture. In these pictures I am wearing the Bamboo Brace preschool, but we just got some new ones of the early grade size. Much better for me.  


  1. Hi Catherine, thank you for sharing Alexandra's wonderful story. Sue and I are so happy to have contributed to such beautiful art :)

    Michael J. Workman PT
    The Bamboo Brace

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL painting!Talented, just like her mama!

  3. C'est super, Catherine! Thanks for sharing...