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Friday, November 16, 2012

Alexandra is much calmer

It will be Alexandra birthday very soon, December 11th she will be thirteen. How time goes! Seems like her and I have been living for awhile together, and got very accustom to each other. She has not entered puberty yet, she seems to be at a 6/ 7 years old stage. This blog is about some of the changes who have occurred in the last month and half. 
Alexandra had a strange summer, she was somewhere else, very autistic, always a little tense, not present. At the beginning of the school year, I was trying to figure stuff out and did a bunch of blood test (see previous blog) something we had never done. Nothing came out as said, except a low level on vitamin D. I start to think that the eternal problem with constipation, who has been taking cared by Miralax for some years now, was after all not truly great and that Alexandra was still suffering from constipation without me be aware. ( after three or four days I didn't remembered when was exactly the last time...) 
I bought a daily calendar journal and some color stickers and start to keep track of any bowel movement and seizures. In the same time I got some enzymes ( at each meal) for digestion recommended for her and start to give some (lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium bifidum, lactobacilus salvarius) from Fortefy( one /day)
keeping track of the BM shown me that as I suspected her BM were very irregular, so I start to adjust the Miralax in consequences something I never really understand before. From than if no poop,  more Miralax that evening, poop and we keep the normal dose( I only allow one day without poop)   Result is that Alexandra is much more agreeable  has less of her breathing episode, seems less stressed. Also if Alex is not comfortable I can be more clear that her BM is maybe the cause or not. 
Alexandra last month and a half was not all good on the BM , because we were into figuring out, but something different has been happening. She is calmer and takes everyday very long nap in the afternoon. Something she has never done regularly. We had to be driving or strolling or be in the middle of the crowd or her to nap ..., but she just didn't wanted to rest in bed in the afternoon at home, and if she was,  it will be only for  20Mn or 1/2 hours at the most, and a small noise will wake her up. But now , everyday, she do not resist and sleep for two hours! It just feel right to me , she has always been so hyper, her hands, her breathing, just who she is, in perpetual movement....feeling the quiet and the rest in the house sound so peaceful. 
So I am thinking that maybe the enzymes and the Lactobacillus have been helping making her much calmer and able to rest.! Should follow. ..

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Alexandra was in a good mood, took a bath than dress up. Watch Alice in Wonderland ate and went to bed. Sweet little Swiss girl.