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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gloves and face rash

Alexandra started to wear acrylic gloves/ mittens many years ago. At first only one glove was necessary for her to not put any hands in the mouth, but now she needs two gloves and she brings both hands anyway to the mouth. But she likes it and we like it. She actually wears her gloves from morning to night. We have many mittens that we change when they are getting wet. She likes it, because it relaxes her. Her hands are less violent in her mouth, it absorbs the saliva and she somewhat more at peace. 

Alexandra with both hands in the mouth, typical of her manifestations. I was hoping that it will change, but it still there. Sometime more then others time. The mittens allow her to be more present and open. She does not mind them , at the opposite it bring her centering and calmness.


Going through Alexandra picture to make her portrait collage, I realize how much her face was marked with red rashes spots. At some point, years ago it got so bad, that she got infected on a cheek. I have some different idea of the cause.
 # 1 I believe that digestion problem will cause rash on the face. When she was young the doctors didn't recommend us Miralax, a powder for constipation. Going to the bathroom was a real problem, and I think that it caused her a lot of her redness on her cheeks, plus much more unconformable feelings, more stereotype of the hands and more cries. ....I know that it is overwhelming to care for our little one so much and for everything, but if you are reading me, please put huge efforts toward their constipation problem. If she is more content you will be much more happy too. 

Seems like Alexandra is also reacting to some specific food, the saliva from the hands in the mouth add to the rash situation.
 # 2   Some food allergies? 
 # 3  Stress will cause rash so lets do anything to have them comfortable, calm and content. Be careful their stress can be caused by to much happiness too, Barbro Lindberg talk about it in her book  

The other thing I will recommend and it has completely stopped the rash, is the use of " the rescue remedy cream" from the Bach Flowers. A miracle on Alexandra face. 

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