Please excuse all spelling and grammatical mistakes, my mom first language is French, but she loves to express herself in English.....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Working with Symbols

Alexandra twelve is starting to use symbols for communication. We got a eye gaze last October and are teaching communication with symbols for the 6 months. We used at first 8 to 10 symbols the most simple one in a bigger size, like 4 x 4 inches representing TV, Music, getting dressed, eating, bath time , reading... 

We have moved now to a smaller format 2.1/2 inches and have added others " vocabulary" . I made this with a small  folder to be easy to carry , but it is becoming already to full...! I scan and copy symbols , got most of my symbols from our eye gaze, but I will recommend buying  I put two pieces of Velcro in the front to give a choice of two possibilities. Three Velcro in the back for another option. I like the folder option because we can set it straight up like on the picture # 1. In this picture all of Alexandra movies. 

Sample of a setting of three pictures. Alexandra is showing great interest with her symbols. It took a while , but I believe that she in now learning this type of communication, who will serve her later for expressing herself with the eye gaze. It is like a mini eye gaze!

Sequence for four action. 

Velcro, symbols and name divider. 

Animal teaching for games with the eye gaze computer.

Actions symbols. Going out, read a book, stay in wheelchair or go on the floor, sleeping. 

Books of Alexandra. With have food section, actions, book & DVD, animals. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Playing games....

Even if Alexandra is of good nature, looking  happy and observing the world around her, it is difficult to keep her engage with something or even known if she is interested due to the difficulties apraxia is creating in her. At the exception of reading books, watching a movie, listening to music or being with a crowd of people, Alexandra will mostly refuse to participate in activities. But we keep on proposing her different possibilities and this year has been the most successful . I have discover that Alexandra can only be engage for a very short time.  Will be fun to play ball for 15mn, but 5 minutes is way enough for her, if so!.  It is interesting to see that she is showing joy and efforts toward the ball. She loves when it come toward her and she is able to sweep her hand or kick her feet to send the ball back .....
 We should remember to ask for short times of attention and stop soon enough that the Rett girl do not get tired, upset and left with a feeling of failure. Watch her closely to terminate the activity when she still feel good about it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kids Rock wheelchair

 Alexandra in her Kids Rock wheelchair. The weather is getting nice which allow us to be out. We have the wheechair for four years and make good use of it. We love this chair , it is comfortable and easy to use. 

The wheelchair tilts to a wide range of different angle, all to the needs of Alexandra. Many adjustments  available to her growth. The bar that you can see on the side is for her eye gaze. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Found this picture of me and Alexandra probably seven years passed. I like that we are looking the same way into our future maybe?
 Today going on a walk we stopped at a playground, something I normally do not do anymore, but I thought that she will maybe enjoy sitting on those large black tires, i thought why not?  So we did, and she was so happy. The only little girl on the playground came slowly but surely closer and closer to us. Marley was four with incredible blue eyes, she approached Alexandra in a very natural way. Marley lives just next to the playground so her parents were inside their house. We stayed there sharing our time, questioning ourselves back and forth. Alexandra was delighted by her voice and I think the way she looked..they were both so cute. I sat Alexandra on a higher tire where Marley was...and Marley came down one tire..., Alexandra was laughing. ...thank you Marley, merci Alexandra.