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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Found this picture of me and Alexandra probably seven years passed. I like that we are looking the same way into our future maybe?
 Today going on a walk we stopped at a playground, something I normally do not do anymore, but I thought that she will maybe enjoy sitting on those large black tires, i thought why not?  So we did, and she was so happy. The only little girl on the playground came slowly but surely closer and closer to us. Marley was four with incredible blue eyes, she approached Alexandra in a very natural way. Marley lives just next to the playground so her parents were inside their house. We stayed there sharing our time, questioning ourselves back and forth. Alexandra was delighted by her voice and I think the way she looked..they were both so cute. I sat Alexandra on a higher tire where Marley was...and Marley came down one tire..., Alexandra was laughing. ...thank you Marley, merci Alexandra.

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