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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Communication Symbols



# 3

Sample of Alexandra's symbols. Alexandra is eleven now, I am just beginning to understand her a little more,  and she just began showing interests on communicating. I ask her school to make this board makers symbols and we have decide together on  the text who should go with each symbols. I wanted a simple text who will  always be the same, at school and at home. I wanted the sentence to be clear, without an interrogation( for the apraxia) and that she can learn to make a connection between the image and the sentence. 

This is a example :  #1 Alexandra it is time to go to the Library! 
                              #2 Alexandra it is time to read a book.
                             # 3 You can choose Good Friends or you can choose Thumbelina 
                             Look at the one you want to read then look at me.
                             You looked at Thumbelina, then me
                             I think you want Thumbelina. 
 I read the book...  

I use others symbols the same way, they measure 4.5 x 4.5, I have attached them with two rings, they are easy to take around, and to install standing up . The text is on the back of the next card , this way when fold she only see the image and I can read the text. The images can't be mixed up. I will share more of the symbols I and Alexandra  use. Hope you understand me. Until later. Have a great day. Catherine 


  1. Thank you for posting this! I followed a link on pinterest here so I haven't read all of your blog yet but am looking forward to it. My daughter is 2. I think these cards look like a great idea for helping her develop eye gaze. Did you ever post any of the other ones you made? Thank you!

    1. Hi Amber, thank you for your comment. Yes I posted another post on symbols called Working with Symbols 5/23/2012...hope it will help, please do not hesitate to ask question. Best to you family and daughter.