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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Working with Symbols

Alexandra twelve is starting to use symbols for communication. We got a eye gaze last October and are teaching communication with symbols for the 6 months. We used at first 8 to 10 symbols the most simple one in a bigger size, like 4 x 4 inches representing TV, Music, getting dressed, eating, bath time , reading... 

We have moved now to a smaller format 2.1/2 inches and have added others " vocabulary" . I made this with a small  folder to be easy to carry , but it is becoming already to full...! I scan and copy symbols , got most of my symbols from our eye gaze, but I will recommend buying  I put two pieces of Velcro in the front to give a choice of two possibilities. Three Velcro in the back for another option. I like the folder option because we can set it straight up like on the picture # 1. In this picture all of Alexandra movies. 

Sample of a setting of three pictures. Alexandra is showing great interest with her symbols. It took a while , but I believe that she in now learning this type of communication, who will serve her later for expressing herself with the eye gaze. It is like a mini eye gaze!

Sequence for four action. 

Velcro, symbols and name divider. 

Animal teaching for games with the eye gaze computer.

Actions symbols. Going out, read a book, stay in wheelchair or go on the floor, sleeping. 

Books of Alexandra. With have food section, actions, book & DVD, animals. 

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