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Friday, February 10, 2012

When my body control me

When I was very young, I was able to use my hands and fingers. I loved books and turned the pages myself. I was also able to control my fingers and pick even a small cheerios. That was long time ago, I was between 4 to 10 months old. After those great time, my hands went to my mouth, I became absorbed by the stereotype, and this is when my body start to control everything I wanted to do. 
As Barbo Lindberg describe so well, " it is not themselves who rule their bodies and emotions: rather, it is the other way around..." 
So here I am, ready to go swim, my mom took my gloves off, and my hands are stuck deeply in my mouth!.
This is certainly not what I wanted to do, like many of others movements that happen to me all the time. 
I am slowly getting accustomed to my body own control, my eyes abilities to focus is becoming much better,   I handle to have my hands takes off from my mouth, with gloves or Bamboo braces ( see post Bamboo braces ), and by knowing myself better, it  has allowed me more purposely intents. You can't imagine in which kind of chaos I have to live, but if you are patient with me, reassuring, slow, observing, loving, and can create a safe environment filled with rhythm it will help me to do better, everyday a little bit more. 

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