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Friday, February 3, 2012

What is her thinking?

It is hard to know what go on in Alexandra mind....In these two pictures we can perceive two different expressions and emotions. Pictures are catching those moments so well, because they happen all the time, but so fast that we do not see them. Alexandra is twelve and it still hard for me to understand or know what she understand or know. Like Doctor Rett said " their eyes talk...", I can comprehend these words more and more. I believe today, that she is understanding more than she can let us know, her eyes are so bright and full of intelligence. I think that she is trapped in a physical body who do not want to do to much for her. 

I want to treat Alexandra with great respect for who she is, and acknowledged the part she plays in her life. I will encourage parents of Rett girls, to talk to them a lot, and give great attention to their needs. They need allot of pampering. They are special, and it remind me think that when young children meet Alexandra they like to ask, " why she is like that?" and I like to answer them ..." because she is half fairy..." so they look at her with bigger eyes and smile to her in awe. 

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