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Saturday, February 4, 2012

High chair


I got this high chair 3 years ago. My mom was not sure that I will be able to sit correctly in this chair, but she thought it will be the best for me.
 I need to tell you that when I was younger, my mom, hold me on her laps for every meals. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. Holding myself on a high chair became difficult around 15 months old when my syndrome went full blow. At that point, my mom wanted me to have a good posture and support, and holding my balance was so challenging that I was not able to focus on the food properly.... 
My mom did what her instinct told her to do, holding me on her laps until I can do it by myself again. By being on her lap allowed me to feel supported, I was not scared of falling, but I was still working my muscle to maintain myself. My mom body was moving with mine...

I have an excellent  trunk , neck and head control. I spend most of my time on the floor. My legs and feet are my problems, but I am so happy to be so strong with my upper body. To get back to the chair, I got a wooden baby high chair for some years, it was working well, until by feet were not touching the wood support.....I was getting to tall for a baby high chair. My mom knew about this Swedish designed high chair, and she thought that it will be the best, because it grown with you by moving the wooden parts, seat and feet support.
At first I got a little scared and was shaking on my chair, but my mom got someone to add woods bars on my trunk sides...and with a short time I got use to my new chair. 

I think that I have a great position, this chair that you can get from
can be ordered with a cushion that helps support me since I do not have very much fat on my body, it is very pain there! 
When we eat out, I am starting to be able to keep myself on a normal chair, so it is great to feel able to be like everyone else. 

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