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Friday, November 18, 2011

My bath time

For the last 11 years Alexandra had to go in the bathtub with someone in it. When she was young she  slipped and from that time on, was stiffing herself so much in the bath tub, shaking, making herself unstable and sliding in the tub....Last summer I had to leave her with a caregiver during a travel away. So we had no more choices, than having her sit and stay in the bath secure by herself.  I change the water temperature and made it to a perfect temperature for babies, not to hot , not to cold,. I add some toys, and hold her very gently talking to her when she was in the bath and she finally calmed down and was totally fine to sat by herself. I also add her favorites music when in the bathtub. She love her bath now, she move freely, laughing and enjoying her time. 
At some point, years ago , I was getting so concern with this issue, that I looked into a seat for bathtub ans special needs.. I didn't like them at all, and I am glad we didn't go that way. Barbro Linderg talk about how you have to reassure the girl in a fearful situation, creating a secure memory, especially helping with music or singing, and to try to figure out what exactly the girl is afraid off. The memory of the Rett girls work in a strange way, I believe now that we can change their memories of a event, by using tools who are good memories to her.  

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