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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eye Gaze sample

Sample on the eye gaze from Dynavox . Alexandra got an eye gaze a month ago. I will show in a future post how its looks and how it is attached to her chair. When you open the computer, this is the first page you come up too. It is easy to use and I have add symbols on the ones she uses. Here is the Itsy Witsy spider song, cut in three sequences.

                                                                           # 1
 The page open to a scene. The beginning of the song start, than stop. Alexandra has to look at the yellow next button to make it go to the next action. She was not able to do it for a week during our trying time in May, but now can do it very well. 

Clouds come, the spider move , the song play, until Alexandra has to look again at the button .

                                                                                # 3
 It is the last section, the sun has dried the rain, it can be closed or play again. This game will teach cause and effects to Alexandra, I do not know how much she understand her doing, but she is able to do it and seems enough interested. ...

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