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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ABM in Seattle

We are back from Seattle just digesting the time and sessions we shared with Naomi Swanson ABM practitioner in Bellevue , WA. 
It is difficult to say and explain how it was we are still in feeling the moments.   What I can say for sure , is that Alexandra was excited and very much in  attention mode with her sessions. It is true that we have to call for attention, giving all of our awareness and presence when sharing with special children or really,.. anyone, makes a huge difference on our learning/ listening abilities.

 *  Alexandra worked on understanding , using  and playing with her hands. 
 *  She play pushing Naomi with long arms and strong back.
 *  Her neck arched back and stretched down   .
 *  She gave a hug to her mommy rapping both arms around her neck when her mom was sitting her back in wheelchair....she laugh!
 *  Alex play pushing herself and feeling her legs and feet during a picnic time near the water, sitting at a bench & table. 

 *  Kept her hands more often down, and put them down when ask to, to be fed or  to drink water. 
 *  Touch her knee with hand when laying in bed this morning.
 *  Her back, her body seems better organized, stronger, she grew and took some weight.  

 The four days were for her, two sessions a day , morning and afternoon for a hour each. We also visited The Chihuly Garden of Glass in Seattle, eat out, slept early, stopped by the Zoo where a peacock, bird of transformation open his tail affront Alexandra, and she was very much looking at him smiling.  In this picture Alexandra is smiling of her most beautiful smile for Carver who is helping her swing. 

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