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Saturday, March 17, 2012

ABM method #1

Some past years I heard about Anat Baniel Method. Someone gave me a DVD to watch and I felt immediately drawn and interested by the work of Anat. But, so hard to keep up with all of those new information's we received for our "different" often take us months or years to process, understand what therapist tell us and most important make the right choice for our daughters. 
Alexandra receive very little therapy, my experience is often disappointing with the proposed approach. I feel very sure with my instinct and care for her, I do not fear her challenges anymore, accepting who she is. Our societies have made incredible progress in the care and integration. I have no doubt that the help, care, school education, transport, dialogue, material Alexandra is receiving has made the great and healthy child she is now and still I often do not agree with what therapy is bringing to us.  
Alexandra was born twelve years ago, and every years I see improvements in services and news products. 
But this is said, the medical approach , PT and OT knowledge still far behind what should be looked at.
When I take Alexandra to a pediatric specialist doctor or PT, they never look at her in full. Rett girls have a huge handicap with their body, the health of their physical  body should be of one first interest! Most place will just look at her legs and spine, on a small and uncomfortable table. Doctors are not interested to see if your child can make small movements with their body. They just look at : she do not walk, so......! This is very sad to me, because Alexandra can move allot, she has a tone of small movement to her repertoire and after all she is a full human being with incredible potential . Anat Baniel seems to pay deep attention to movement, because movements means life. more coming on the subject. 

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