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Sunday, January 1, 2012

My seizures # 2

Please read my seizures first.....this is next. So the rash was not from the drug, but anyway I was looking drug when my mom had to augment the dose....we finally got it right, no more seizures and lower dose, I take two pills a day, very easy to take, small it melt in the mouth with my food, each one is 25mg. Drug can be a relief, even when we do not like them. I am seizures free for a year now, I do not feel drugged and do not looked drugged, and I actually feel better than ever. We hope that this ideal setting is going to work for longtime, lets cross the fingers! 

  I have to add that during all of this, my mom went into super mom action. She also contacted a Homeopath who's daughter forty years old has Rett Syndrome, he gave me only one treatment, who seems to helped, she also in the same time, gave me a treatment with the Bach Flowers for my emotions and started to use the Rescue Remedy cream on my face.....she did a lot and we do not exactly know what worked, but I changed and my skin on my face never got a rash again. She put the cream often on my cheeks, Carver call that, the 24 hours SPA, but in the meanwhile I look much better and feel much better.

Retts' mom have to brainstorm about Rett symptoms all the time, interesting but hard work. My mom likes natural things, when we visit doctors she always trust her intuitions, and we often leave their offices with nothing from their knowledge. Personally I trust her and I think she knows when she has to try something for my best interest. I am doing really well, she attend to my needs in details, at all time, with so much care. I am responding with grace and contentment to her love for me.

Thank you to my mother all the mothers on earth.         

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