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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Your best gift for Christmas

The best gift you can give to your daughter is love, but I am talking about awake LOVE. Awake love is when you see her has that precious being she is. When you are completely present with her and who she is, right now. Observe all of her movements, from the smallest to the biggest. She is alive and full of her light.
  • Quiet around  her your busy mind and listen to her breath...
  • Watch any of her small movements in wonder...who told you she did not move? Observe her eyes moving, her eyebrow, her nose, her mouth, her tongue, her hands and each little fingers, her neck, her belly, her toes...
  • Watch for her biggest movements, legs, arms, trunk, head...but... she is moving so much.
  • Now that she know that you are observing her with all of your attention...she is going to move even more. 
  • Talk to her, tell her how good she is doing, and especially for all of those movements..." I saw you moving your eyelashes, and now you are moving your mouth...oh you are smiling...." 
  • Praise her for everything she do, " you are so can you turn that way...I want to try too..."
  • More praise...and more love.
  • Tell her that you are going to make an effort about listening to her with all of your true attention, with true love.
Awake love is like the first time you discover something new, the first time you kiss, the first time you see your those new experiences you felt awake with all your senses presents. Your being felt full of light  tickling you from head to toes, so powerful you felt and everyone around you too. 

This is the best gift you can give to your daughter ( and others), discover her new everyday, be present in love and wonder, as much as you can, remember yourself  that you can give and you will receive. 

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