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Monday, December 12, 2011

Out and about

Today Alexandra has a lot of her breath holding...and in those days the apraxia is clearly in her way of focusing and doing. On Saturday we took her to a pet store. The pictures proved that she was trying to look at the animals, and was interested, but this what not obvious to us at the store. Alexandra was having a lot of breath holding, with hands very agitated in her mouth , she seems to us that she was not able to pay that much attention. I am glad we took some time to let her explore and be able to glance at the animal, I realize again that we have to give them much time to themselves, without cuing them who will create more apraxia symptoms, for the Rett girls to be able to observe, explore and retain information's. 

Between these two picture we can grasp the difference, hands in mouth, no control of the eyes and movement of the body and face, next able to focus, looking directly at the fish, she is able to take in what she see. 

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