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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Carver my best friend

Carver is the partner of my mom and he is my best friend. He is always there to help me and the best of all , he makes me laugh all the time. 

Carver took me to the drafts horses show, and we are visiting a very large horse. Horses like me, they love to sniff me all around. Carver was a little scared that the horse will bit me or my stroller. Hahahaha....!He is over prospective. 

Carver gives me all kinds of nickname, like : Little Rascal, Possum Girl,  Souriceau; who means little mousse in french, Plumpinette,who means little fat girl,  and sometime" Little Sausage " because he want me to put some weight on!!! Oh and the most funny thing is that he tries to make me use my hands and ask me to squeeze his nose, sometime he says that I  can give him a good yank of a squeeze..... 

Here I am at his cabin in the you can tell I am having so much fun. Thank you Carver for being in my life, I love you very much. 

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