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Monday, October 31, 2011

Understanding Rett Syndrome

Understanding Rett Syndrome By Barbro Lindberg, is a book I highly recommend. Constantly looking at improving and understanding Alexandra syndrome I read this book this year. Barbro from Sweden, is not a mother of a Rett Syndrome daughter, but a teacher who got interested by those little girls and went on study 39 cases. She understand them like a mother or a father will do, knowing every manifestations of their syndrome. I learn so much from her words. We all can see and feel that our daughters undersatnd a lot, but in the same time, respond so little to even simple directions.... Barbo made me understand how Alexandra was perceiving the world, and how her system was functioning. I wish I will have read this book years be able to understand her better. Thank you so much to Barbo, I am now much more ready to work from a very different point with my dear Alexandra.

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